Derived from Russian Military Fighting systems, Combat Sambo combines all aspects of fighting and self-defense techniques with and without weapons.  Call TODAY, 343-306-4458 to find out more!

Flexibility is ensuring that your body can move through its entire range of motion.  Call us TODAY at 343-306-4458 to learn more about our FREE 2 WEEK training.

Self-Esteem provides us with the ability to believe in our abilities and the motivation to carry them out.  Let the staff at Tina Takahashi Martial Arts show you how martial arts can do this!  Visit us at to learn more.

At Tina Takahashi Martial Arts, we provide you with practical techniques that you can apply to real-life situations that will help give you both the confidence and skills to help protect yourself in the outside world. Call us at 343-306-4458

Martial Arts is a fun, effective, and increasingly popular way to stay in shape!