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Tina Takahashi Martial Arts Combat Sambo Training Offers a Complete and Comprehensive Program That Teaches You the Skills You Need to Succeed.

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Tina Takahashi Martial Arts Will Change Your Life

Tina Takahashi Martial Arts Is the Best Combat Sambo School in the Entire Country!

Derived from Russian Military Fighting Systems, Combat Sambo combines all aspects of fighting & self-defense techniques with and without weapons. Sport style that resembles MMA training with a kurtka (jacket) & sambo boots is offered along with self-defense style sambo classes for teens, men & women.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

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Andrew McIntyre

If youre looking for the real deal. This place is it! If you wanna grapple, throw, strike, they have it all. I would never receive training anywhere else

Special Online Offer
2 Weeks For Only $27!

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Many People Are Attending Tina Takahashi Martial Arts in Ottawa So They Don't Become A Statistic

Women's Martial Arts




As reported by the FBI Crime Statistics. At 1,248,185, we are faced with an ever changing world that needs Martial Arts training that will give our community members the confidence needed.

Adult Stress


8 IN 10


At Tina Takahashi Martial Arts we believe in helping our community members manage their stress through physical and mental martial arts training. Our Instructors help each student one-on-one achieve their personal goals.

Adult Obesity


1 in 5


Adults need our support. We work hand in hand with students to assure that they make the right choices. At Tina Takahashi Martial Arts we will help you to raise your fitness level and self-confidence while teaching you to defend yourself.

Learn From Tina Takahashi Former World Sambo Champion & Family of Champions!

Not only is Tina sensei a former World Sambo Sport Champion her husband Sean MacFadyen is Canada’s Sport & Combat Sambo National Coach. Sean & Tina’s three sons are also on Canada’s National Sambo Team. The family helped earn Canada a first time Pan American Championship in Sport Sambo & a Third Runner up placement in Combat Sambo in the Dominican Republic, 2019. Their first son Adam won the sport division at 62 kg and switched to Greco Roman Wrestling the same year to win the qualifying Olympic Team placement for Canada. Middle son Torin made history winning in both Combat & Sport Sambo, while the youngest Liam earned a Silver Pan Am medal in the Combat Sambo division. Liam MacFadyen also placed 5th at the Combat Sambo World Championships Cheong Ju, Korea 2019, and defeated the current Pan American Champion in, N.IRELAND President’s Cup Championship in 2019 along with winning the 2018 USA Sport Sambo Championship in Philadelphia. Students of Tina Takahashi Martial Arts benefit greatly by learning and training with Canada’s very Best.

Combat Sambo Is Versatile & Features a Complete Range of Proven Techniques for Your Success

The old Russian martial art has brought us some of the most renowned champions of MMA, Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Arlovski and now Khabib Nurmagomedov. So the question is why do Combat Sambo athletes do so well in MMA?

First off, Combat Sambo starts in a standing position where strikes are allowed. The fight can and often and does go to the ground with strong wrestling and judo takedowns in the arsenal. Once on the ground, they strike or grapple for submissions and control positions.

With this type of rule set, Combat Sambo resembles MMA more realistically then any other martial art. The striking arts do not teach you takedown defenses, BJJ often times does not teach you how to strike and wrestling doesn’t really cover submissions. Combat Sambo covers all of these areas. So by the time an athlete has decided to transition to MMA, they already have a solid base in all the major areas of the sport. This gives them a huge advantage.

Another edge a Combat Sambo athlete has is their ability to blend their techniques together. Blending the use of strikes to takedowns and takedowns to submissions. Often times these Mixed Martial Arts techniques are trained as separate disciplines, but in reality when they are mixed together they are extremely effective and practically mixed into training like they are in a real confrontation.

Combat Sambo Training Benefits All Ages

Students can benefit greatly by receiving the best coaching and instruction in Canada. Our teachers formulate a game plan and training regime customized for each students abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Our oldest student is 67 years old and trains with the young teens without a care. Safety is a number one feature and students learn first how to fall safely on a “sissy” mat this is very soft.

All martial arts have their benefits, and all martial artists have their personal goals. But if MMA is your goal, Combat Sambo is most likely one of the best foundations to have. It simply gives you a complete and well rounded fighting system that translates very well. This is why Combat Sambo athletes do so well in MMA. And if your base is not in Combat Sambo it would not hurt to adapt some of our training methods into your own art. Use striking to set up your takedowns, chain together takedowns and submissions, and shorten your round times on the ground to give you a sense of urgency to escape or finish the fight quickly. Young students start out with learning the fundamentals only later moving into more difficult and age appropriate techniques.

This is a GIFT that will last a lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

Special Online Offer
2 Weeks For Only $27!

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