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Aidan G.F.

The instructors/sensei's are knowledgeable, helpful and very encouraging. Despite my anxiety going in I've felt incredibly welcomed and thoroughly enjoy my time at the Dojo. In just 3 weeks I already feel I've learned so much and am looking forward to continuing! Highly recommend to anyone looking to start but who may be nervous about it, you'll feel right at home.

Brayden Ambo

Arguably the best in Ontario. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Joanne Bihari

Amazing place ... Sensei Tina and Sensei Sean are brilliant. My daughter wants to award 7 stars out of 5 LoL

Luc Comeau

Thank you again Maya is thrilled with each online virtual session! Merci / Thank You,

Kyle Bonk

After training at Tina Tak dojo, took my abilities from standard Narp to world class. Best martial arts facility in Ottawa!

Roman Petryk

Tina Takahashi Martial Arts & Fitness is a top level club with national and world class instruction in the most proven and effective martial arts—from Judo and Sambo (Russia's national martial art), to Muay Thai kickboxing, Jiujutsu, Karate, Wrestling and others. While Tina Takahashi trains students at all levels in the most effective martial arts (as demonstrated through MMA, military, and police forces worldwide), their most popular classes are Judo, Sambo, Muay Thai and Children's Karate/Judo.

Joe Ulvr

My son has been attending Tina Takahashi Martial Arts School for about 4 months, and loves it. We have struggled with other extracurricular activities, including other martial arts studios, where he complains about going and it becomes a miserable experience for all of us. Here he is eager to go. Several friends with kids of different ages all recommended the school to us. Sean, Tina and their boys emphasize discipline and hard work, both in the dojo and at home, and make sure that everyone is having fun. Definitely 5 stars!

Chris Morris

If you want to learn more then just BJJ from real black belts with international championships, this is your best option in the city. Every one is welcoming there and the instructors will help you develop your program for your needs. 10/10 experience.

Andrew McIntyre

If youre looking for the real deal. This place is it! If you wanna grapple, throw, strike, they have it all. I would never receive training anywhere else

Peter Beese

Top notch training in martial arts. If you want to be trained by the best...there is no where else.

Diana Reid

Sensei Tina is absolutely stellar. Professional, experienced, precise, focused, and one of the kindest and most practical teachers I've ever seen. My daughter has been with her for three years, and adores judo and Sensei in equal measures.

Vaja Tucker

Tina Takahashi‘s Martial Arts studio is a warm and supportive environment for athletes of all ages. My tall 14 year old son had been training with the adults for the past year and has made great improvements in his fitness level but also in his sportsmanship and character development. Most importantly, he is having fun and wants to work hard to earn his stripes. Senseis are putting lots of emphases on respect, teaching youth how to earn it and how to receive it in return. This is a great place for developing young bodies and minds!